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Sunday Worship
Begins at 9:45 am. Come and experience God!
As Christ is the center of worship and the
preached Word.
Communion is first Sundays.

Sunday School

Sunday School is from 8:30 am -9:30 am. 

Adult class and children classes from ages 3-18.  Come and study with others to understand God's Word.



We must always pray!  Prayer is vital to GEM!

I Chronicle 7:14 (KJV)  If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land


Prayer Schedule:

   A. Prayer @ GEM :
                 12:00 noon Wednesdays
                    8:00 am Saturdays
                    7:30 pm 1st Fridays


   B. Prayer Phone Line:
                     Tuesdays and Fridays 5:30 am  - 6:00 am        
                     Dial (302) 202-1110  Code 241805

Outreach & Community Service


Every other Wednesday, Message and A Meal Ministries provide hot food to the homeless.  These meals are prepared and taken into the community to the homeless.

Nursing Home Ministry is the 1st Saturday of every month. Residents are invited to attend the service in their facility.

Third Saturdays of the Month- Food and Clothes are given away to the community.

Men and Women Ministries


The Men and Women's Department provide spiritual development with Men to Men and Women to Women sessions covering relevant topics.

Youth Ministry

Young People are a vital part of GEM. The Youth Ministries focuses on Children ages 3-12 who are part of the Sunshine Band and teen ages from 13-18 who are part of the Purity class.  The Young Women of Excellence and the Young Men of Valor focuses on training our young people how to carry themselves while finding their purpose.

CAM (Creative Arts Ministry)

CAM consist of the Music Ministry (Choirs and Praise Teams) and the Arts Ministry (Dance and Drama).  GEM has produced several dramatic productions for Easter and Christmas.

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